Happy Raksha Bandhan 2016 Images Quotes Status

Hey guys, Looking for Happy Raksha Bandhan Images or Raksha Bandhan Quotes? Well I know you must be looking for same. Don’t worry here we team of Thank You Letters are sharing best raksha bandhan images which you can send to your sister and cousins. All of you guys must be well aware of this special festival which is known as Raksha Bandhan 2016. It is undoubtedly one of the best festival on which you can share your feelings with your brother/sister. This special day which is known as Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in India with very craze and enthusiasm. Generally, brothers share their feelings to their sisters and promises her to give her protection forever from every problem of her life.

So, it was all about Raksha Bandhan 2016. This year, Raksha Bandhan 2016 is celebrated on 18 August 2016 , which is quote close and that’s why I thought to share raksha bandhan 2016 images to you guys. Isn’t it pretty good? So without wasting time, let’s head over to Happy Raksha Bandhan Images without any delay now.

How to save these Raksha Bandhan Images in HD (High Quality) 2016

Well if you don’t know how to save these Raksha Bandhan quotes images, don’t worry I will tell you step by step method to save those images and will also share method to share it with your friends and relatives on Facebook or Whatsapp.

  1. First of all, select any Raksha Bandhan image which you want to send.
  2. Click on that image. Now, I am assuming that you are using your android phone to visit this page.
  3. So, Tap on that image and click on save image as.
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Happy Raksha Bandhan Images 2016

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So guys, it was all about Raksha Bandhan Images, let’s move to some of the best raksha bandhan quotes now.

It just leaves a smile on my face when
I think of those trifling fights we had
and suddenly used to make up.
The memories may fade with time
but the love we share will only grow.
Happy Raksha Bandhan, My Dear Sister.
I Hope The Light Of Wisdom Shine Upon You,
My Loving Sister. On This Pious And
Lovely Day Of Raksha Bandhan,
I Wish You A Beautiful And Fun-Filled Life with no trace of sorrows.
Sath Pale or sath bhade hain
Khub mila bachpan mein pyar
Bhai bhen ka pyar bhadane Aaya rakhi ka tyohar
Happy Raksha Bandhan bahena!!
On web, Actually I found a lot of other raksha bandhan quotes as well but these were my favourite. But do you want more Raksha Bandhan Quotes? Don’t worry as here we will be sharing more best raksha bandhan poems or you can call it Raksha Bandhan quotes 2016.
Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.
Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet.
So I hope you found what you are looking for. We have shared many quotes and images for Raksha Bandhan. So for what you are waiting for? Send it to your friends and relatives without wasting a single second further.
We wish you Raksha Bandhan Images 2016 from our side as well. We hope you to be a good brother/sister.

Best Headphones for Rock Music 2016

Listening to music can become an exciting sublime experience only when the listener uses right headphone.  Avid music lovers need headphones that can free their minds from the clutter of the hectic life and give a soothing, relaxing experience to stimulate the creative senses of the mind.  The choice of the headphone becomes vital.  The difference between a good experience and an unforgettable experience could be just listening to the right head phone.  We list below the two best headphones – the first one in the premium category and the second one in the budget category for a great listening experience to rock yourself happily. Recently, We have also posted best proxy server list.best headphone for rock music

Below we are listing best headphones for rock music from which you can listen rock music. So, let’s check out best headphones for rock music.

Best Headphones for Rock Music 2016

  1. Audio-Technica ATH-WS55X Professional Monitor Headphone

For Sound and style, the ATH-WS55X can boast of the perfect combination. The Solid Bass series is popular and from these Audio-Technica masterpieces have been designed primarily and especially for rock music buffs to listen to rock, techno, and hip-hop music. This device is a bass monster will make your body tingle and your heart beat to the rhythm of the music.

Features of this headphone:

  1.  There is a freshly developed other chamber which increases overall System damping for maximizing bass expansion.
  2.  Large 53 mm drivers are exclusive feature  of the ATH-WS55X to deliver maximized and massive bass sound.
  3.  The headband design is new keeping in mind the comfort  level and to better the acoustic seal for accurate delivery of bass
  4.  Easily adjustable smoothened stainless steel slider for the headband ensures a comfortable and snug fit.
  5.  1.2m Y-type cable and L-shaped stereo mini plug for portable devices

Buy Now

  1. Skullcandy Uprock S5urfz-033

Supreme Sound On-Ear Headphone Skullcandy UProck sports a twin 40mm ear exciters, which are the tangle-free flat cable with a mixed material finish for extra machismo. The Skullcandy Uprock boosts the street credential of any street gang.This Skullcandy S5URFZ-033 headset lives up to its name of ‘Uprock’ actually. Magnetized optimal delivery of the full range of bass with mids, highs and vocals owing to its ‘Supreme Sound’ trademark feature which is the hallmark of The Skullcandy Uprock S5URFZ-033.  The modern high-tech design is ergonomic, and it is coupled with a generous and luxurious padding of the ear-cups to wear them comfortably for hours on end. The Skullcandy ear headphones are compatible for use with MP3 players and most of the leading brands of mobile phones.

Every intonation in the singer’s voice can be heard with The Skullcandy Uprock due to the ‘Supreme Sound’ functionality.  Powerful bass and distinct highs are delivered to give you an incomparable audio experience. Neodymium magnets that add an extra punch to the sound output quality and the Skullcandy Uprock earphones and also boast of two 40 mm speaker drivers.  They have Flat knot-proof cables ensure that they don’t get entangled with anything when you keep the headphones in your backpack and gbecomes an hassle-free simple device. The adjustable headband lends a customized fit for the users of the Skullcandy Uprock headphones.

Features of this headphone:

 Type:  Wired on-the-ear headphone

 Colour:  Black

 Design: Supra-aural – closed back

 Sound reproduction is powerful with accurate bass response

 Natural  vocals, precision sound at high volume

So, these two headphones were best headphones for rock music which you can buy to get high quality sound. You can check more headphones for rock music at destroythisplace.com.

Wrapping it up:

So, it was all about best headphones for rock music. So what do you think which is best headphones for rock music? We would like to hear about in comments below.

Using Proxy Servers is Safe or not? (10 Best Proxy Servers added)

Today, Team of Thank You Letters is back with a new post on using proxy servers is safe or not? As, when I am unable to use any proxy server, then the first thing which comes into my mind is proxy servers. As, you can easily visit any blocked website using web proxy servers.

But, there are certain rumours against proxy servers that using proxy server is not safe and can be injurious to security of your Computer system as well. Well, in this article I will share my opinion and hope you will like it. In the end, I will also cover some other things related to safety and how you can use proxy servers safely.best proxy server

Is it safe to use proxy servers?

According to me, it’s not completely not safe to use proxy servers. On the other hand, there are some quality web proxy sites as well. So, using them is completely safe. Now, the question which comes into mind is How we can know which proxy servers are safe to use. Well, there is no method to find out which is best proxy server.

Well, this question is a bit tricky as well. As, you will always get different opinions on proxy servers. So, I will share most common and correct point of view on proxy servers. I will share tips below to use proxy servers safely also. Also check out: Best headphones for rock music.

Any proxy server list which you recommend?

Well, there are tons of proxy server list on web. But, I found a little of them quality only. So, you can check out this best proxy servers list. In this list, only quality proxy servers are listed and I am damn sure that you will love this list. Here, I am listing top 10 proxy servers from that list here:

1. https://www.ipswitcher.us
2. https://proxify.com
3. http://www.greatestfreeproxy.com
4. http://www.quickproxy.co.uk
5. http://freeopenproxy.com
6. http://seeproxy.me
7. http://www.kproxy.com
8. http://americaproxy.info
9. https://www.englandproxy.co.uk
10. https://www.funproxy.net

So, here is top 10 best proxy servers which you can try out now. So, now I will share some tips on proxy server list, so that you can use those proxy servers safely without any issue.

Tips to use proxy servers safely:

Using proxy servers safely is very complex, but here we are listing some of tips to use proxy servers safely without any problem.

  1. Always keep your anti-virus web protection enabled before visiting web proxy sites. As, the most common problem while surfing these proxy sites is malicious codes which gets injected into your computer.
  2. Generally, those proxy servers which are not safe are banned by Google as well. So, to check out proxy servers, First go to Google.com and search for name of that proxy server, For example, if you are visiting http://americaproxy.info, so search with americaproxy and press Enter. Visit that proxy site from there now. If you get any notification that this site is hacked, then Avoid using that site and look for another proxy server from that list.

Best anti-virus with web protection?

Well, there are many antivirus which provide web protection. You can try out AVG Internet Security or Quick Heal Total Security. You can find best antivirus list on PC Advisor. I am attaching YouTube video below which will show best antivirus of 2015 which you can try out.


So, In this post I have explained best proxy servers and whether using proxy servers is safe or not. I have also listed some cool methods to check out whether any proxy site is legit or not? So, still if you face any problem I have also listed 10 best proxy servers here. Still, if you are facing any problem then I would like to listen in comment box from you about proxy servers. According to you, which web proxy server is best and safe? Which antivirus you are currently using to keep your computer safe from malware and trojans?